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Daily voting for the winner of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards starts November 1. On that day, fans can begin voting every day for their favorite podcast in each category at Voting will be open every day for 15 days, and FANS CAN VOTE ONCE EACH DAY in every category. Winners will be announced at the Podcast Awards Ceremony, which will be held at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas on Jan 5th, 2014.

To vote, go to the and find the Mormon Fair-Cast entry. It is listed under the Religion Inspiration category, which is near the bottom of the page on the right. It is the third category up from the bottom. Click on the Mormon Fair-Cast entry. Then scroll down and enter your name and email address. Click on the button that describes you best (Listener, Podcaster, or Both.) For most of you that will be “Listener.” Then click on the submit button on the right.

The Mormon Fair-Cast won the award for best religious podcast in 2011, but lost in 2012 to the Ardent Atheist podcast. This year, let’s be more ardent than the atheists! Please spread the word by telling your friends. Even if we don’t win the voting, we hope this will raise awareness of the great resources we have. If we do win, it is even better. You can post a link with instructions on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Remind your friends to vote each day, and thank you for your continued support of FairMormon!


Administrative update: FAIR Blog user registration

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In an effort to more effectively manage the FAIR Blog, we will now require users to register before commenting.

You may register using your real name or a pseudonym (as long as your pseudonym is appropriate for an all-ages blog), but you must provide a verifiable email address as part of the registration process.

At this time we will continue to moderate all comments to help prevent endless debates, “drive-by” attacks, threadjacking, and so forth. Our intent is to hopefully loosen that up a bit in the near future so that only new commenters are moderated.

The usual rule against sockpuppets applies here — one user account per person, please.

FAIR blog and politics

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The FAIR blog is an occasional blog staffed by volunteers. Posts are typically driven by current events in Mormon apologetics and culture.

Sometimes Mormonism intersects with politics. During these times, the FAIR board and management wish to be sensitive to the political feelings of all Latter-day Saints. We expect posts to reflect even-handedness and a direct application to defending the Church.

This is not the place to discuss controversial political events that have only a marginal tie to Mormon culture and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There are other blogs that cater to that need.

With that in mind, FAIR managers have removed a recent post on the Arizona immigration law. We apologize to anyone who felt that post was not in keeping with the highest standards of FAIR, and commit to elevating the level of discourse here.