Blog Guidelines

A good blog post or podcast with FairMormon:

  1. Shows the truthfulness of the gospel, explains an issue raised by critics, shows the value of the church, or strengthens faith. It can be specifically apologetic, or can deal with gospel topics, doctrines, principles, or cultural issues.
  2. Avoids personal attacks. Address the argument not the person.
  3. Avoids mind-reading. When characterizing someone’s point of view, cite them directly and in sufficient detail that it is clear you have fairly represented what they have said/written
  4. Does not deal with gospel speculation.
  5. Does not attack other churches. This includes Christian and non-Christian religions.
  6. Does not provide direct links to anti-websites or websites that clearly don’t support our mission.
  7. Does not bring up subjects that overtly support any political party or candidate. Doing so puts our tax exempt status at risk.
  8. Does not post research papers in their entirety. It can review them and link to them.
  9. Mainly targets a lay audience and not necessarily scholars.
  10. Does not link to other posts or podcasts that contain questionable language or photos.

Questions about the appropriateness of a blog post go to a blog management subcommittee (three-person committee) composed of the blog manager and two committee members. The goal is to make a decision within 24 hours. The blog manager can create a standing committee, but should have alternates available if one member is not available. The decision can be appealed first to the entire blog committee with a majority decision, then to the FairMormon president, and after that to the FairMormon board.