Articles of Faith 15: Loren Spendlove – Understanding Nephi with the Help of Noah Webster

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loren-spendloveLoren Spendlove (MBA, California State University, Fullerton and PhD, University of Wyoming) has worked in many fields over the last thirty years, including academics and corporate financial management. Currently, he and his wife design and manufacture consumer goods. A student of languages, his research interests center on linguistics and etymology.

Questions addressed in this episode:

Why use the 1828 dictionary? Why not an earlier or later edition?

What is the value of looking at a book like the Book of Mormon with any appeal to a dictionary?

There are some devotional interpretations that your article offers, and there are some more apologetic interpretations. What are some examples of both?

When it comes to answering the critics using these alternative definitions, there is a clear, you are reading this with the wrong language understanding. With the more devotional aspects, are you saying the same thing only perhaps to members of the Church?

In the episode Loren Spendlove references a 20+ page guide of his findings from 1 Nephi that include the changes in word use from 1828 till today’s language use.

Click here for that spreadsheet —>> Nephi and Noah Webster

Click here to read Loren Spendlove’s article in the Interpreter.