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Utah-Valley-Convention-Center-300x177SaturdayMay 31 will be the last day to buy tickets at the discounted price for the FairMormon Conference in Provo, Utah. Tickets will still be available after that time, but at a higher price.

This year’s conference speakers include:

Daniel Peterson on the Letter to a CES Director

Hannah Smith: “Religious Liberty: What Latter-day Saints Need to Know to Preserve Our First Freedom”

Kerry Muhlestein: “The Book of Abraham and Unnoticed Assumptions: How everyone makes assumptions that determine how they view the Book of Abraham”

Russell W. Stevenson: Shouldering the Cross, or How to Condemn Racism and Still Call Brigham Young a Prophet

Ty Mansfield on sexual attraction and gender

Robert F. Smith: “The Preposterous Book of Mormon: A Singular Advantage”

Matthew Grow and Matthew Godfrey: “The Story Behind the Revelations: Using the Joseph Smith Papers to Better Understand the Doctrine and Covenants.”

Bob Rees: “Earl Wunderli’s Imperfect Book

Barry Bickmore: “Restoring the Ancient Church”

A panel discussion on family members who have left the Church.

and more. You can find the schedule on the FairMormon Website here:

You can go directly to our bookstore page to purchase your Conference tickets here:

Or you can go to the main page at and click on the FairMormon Conferences link.

Scroll to the bottom of the FairMormon 2014 Conference page for Hotel information at the Marriott, which is across the street. Book your hotel room now to secure your reservation. Your hotel room is separate from your conference registration.