Mormon Fair-Cast 220: Research regarding religion.

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MartinTannerIn this episode of Religion Today, Martin Tanner discusses the cutting-edge research regarding religion. This episode originally aired on KSL Radio on December 8, 2013 and appears here by permission of KSL Radio. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or of FairMormon.

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  1. nzmagpie

    I have been studying NDE’s for years, reading numerous books, testimonies and watching videos of interviews. There is no greater evidence for the existence of God, the spirit realm and the true nature of reality than that presented in NDE stories. I wish the Church hierarchy would talk more about them. They have left me with no doubt that consciousness survives death and that our spirits are eternal, all truths taught by Joseph Smith. In fact, many of the churches that belittle Mormonism, taught their members that such experiences were not possible. I know of Baptists, for example, that have changed their beliefs because they personally have experienced NDE’s and know for themselves that their former beliefs were in error.
    Regarding the appearance of angels, I refer you to the experiences of Marc Rains and Howard storm, who both testify of angels visiting them in their rooms and other places, just as Moroni did. A book was published last year titled, Gaze unto Heaven, by Bateman, that looks at 50+ early Mormon NDE accounts, long before this topic was popularized. Latter day Mormons, such as Kim Rives, Jeff Olsen and Betty Eadie are just a few of the popular NDE stories going around.

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