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MartinTannerBillReel4-2Bill Reel Member of FairMormon is interviewed by Martin Tanner on “Religion Today” on KSL radio.  This episode aired January 12, 2014. Bill Reel contributes to the FairMormon Podcast and speaks of his own faith crisis, his personal effort to help others struggling, and concludes by speaking about the great resources at FairMormon.org speaking specifically of the Support Forum found at FairMormonSupport.org where struggling members can ask questions and share their trials of faith knowing they will both receive support and encounter helpful ways to lead with faith and reconcile doubts.

Listeners will note that the first part of the interview is missing.  What is missing is the first minute where Bro. Reel shares briefly his conversion at the age of 17 and then leads into his having been called as a Bishop and encountering a faith crisis and here the interview audio picks up.

This recording was used by permission of KSL Radio and does not necessarily represent the views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or of FairMormon.