Mormon FAIR-Cast 130: Equality and Priesthood

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Marvin Perkins provides a scriptural compilation of the Lord’s command for all to be equal and to ordain to the priesthood all who will embrace the gospel work.

This episode is an audio version of segment 3 of the Blacks in the Scriptures DVD Series . The complete DVD can be purchased at the FAIR Bookstore here.

This presentation has been provided courtesy of Blacks in the Scriptures. The opinions expressed in this podcast do not necessarily represent the official views of FAIR or of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

2 thoughts on “Mormon FAIR-Cast 130: Equality and Priesthood

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  2. mkprr

    My thanks goes out to Brother Marvin Perkins and Darius Gray. I have really enjoyed these past three podcasts. Thank you for your research, thank you for your faith, and thank you for you patience with us as a church. As a youth I never felt right about the things I heard taught about the status of blacks, but I never knew what to make of it all.

    As grateful as I am for your work, I feel like it is unfortunate that those holding the successive offices of the men who originally perpetuated these false “teachings of men”, aren’t correcting the errors of the past as passionately and as directly as you are. I wish I understood what is holding the 15 men at the head of the church from being more direct. I sustain them and am certain they are doing what they feel is best, I hope that soon they will feel it is time to be more direct.

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