Mormon FAIR-Cast 86: Mesoamerican Evidences for the Book of Mormon

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Martin Tanner discusses various mesoamerican evidences for the historicity of the Book of Mormon in this episode of Religion Today that originally aired on September 4, 2011.

This recording was used by permission of KSL Radio and does not necessarily represent the views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or of FAIR.

4 thoughts on “Mormon FAIR-Cast 86: Mesoamerican Evidences for the Book of Mormon

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  3. JTurn

    It seems to me that covering 150 miles in a day and a half is a stretch, especially if this passage in Alma is normative description of a travel distance.

    This would require walking for 36 hours nonstop at 4.2 miles per hour, which is a good pace even on payment without a pack.

    Wouldn’t you agree? Isn’t this a stretch?

    The Isthmus of Panama, another narrow neck of land, is only about 50 miles across. That seems to make more sense (though I still wouldn’t want to do it). What’s the problem with that as a candidate for the land between Bountiful and desolation? This region also seems to be more “nearly surrounded by water” in that you can draw lines in all directions and hit water much sooner.

  4. JTurn

    I wrote “payment” rather than “pavement.” A Freudian slip perhaps, though either works to a degree 🙂

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