Mormon FAIR-Cast 84: Journey of Faith: The New World

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This is a collection of audio clips from the 2007 movie entitled “Journey of Faith: The New World,” directed by Peter Johnson and produced by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies.

Thoughtful insights from 32 top scholars continue the journey into the Book of Mormon’s thousand-year span, aiding understanding of this sacred text. Mormon’s description of the land, religious history, culture, and traditions create a fascinating mosaic. Stunningly beautiful images filmed on location in Guatemala and Mexico combined with the art of Joseph Brickey illuminate the right culture of the Book of Mormon.

The video includes audio tracks in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Special features address specific topics such as the law of Moses and the Book of Mormon, DNA and the Book of Mormon, language and the Book of Mormon, metal in Book of Mormon lands, and more.  The full video runs approximately 90 minutes and can be purchased at the FAIR Bookstore.

These clips were posted by permission of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.