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“FAIR Conversations,” Episode 14: Tom Mould on Folklore and Personal Revelation

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Perhaps the most underrated Mormon-themed book of 2011 was Tom Mould’s Still, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition. As the title suggests, Mould explores how the Spirit’s “small voice” is still an important part of religious life for Latter-day Saints. The book is a folklorist’s examination of the stories Mormons share about personal revelation.

In this episode of FAIR Conversations, Mould describes some ways revelatory narratives highlight distinctive Mormon beliefs such as stewardship and agency. He highlights the role revelation plays in Mormon decision making, in relieving anxiety, and in dealing with the ambiguities of everyday life. The stories Mormons tell about the revelation we seek and receive suggest important clues about our values. Mould’s work is thought-provoking, challenging, and inspiring, religiously and academically. He brings the perspective of a thoughtful outsider but speaks with an insider’s knowledge.

Mould is associate professor of anthropology and folklore at Elon University in North Carolina. Check out the author bio on Utah State University Press’s website here, and my full review of Still, the Small Voice here.

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Mormon FAIR-Cast 70: The Gift and Power: Translating the Book of Mormon

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Brant Gardner is interviewed on KTKK Radio and on KSL Radio regarding his new book, The Gift and Power: Translating the Book of Mormon (available for purchase at the FAIR Bookstore) He talks about seer stones, the Spaulding manuscript, stylometrics, various theories on Book of Mormon translation and the Book of Mormon in the context of Mesoamerican culture.

Brant Gardner’s academic background includes work towards a Ph.D. in Mesoamerican Ethnohistory at the State University of New York, Albany. His published works on Mesoamerica include an analysis of classical Nahuatl kinship terminology, an ethnohistoric investigation into the identification of the use of Coxoh to designate a people and language in Southern Mexico, and an examination of the Aztec Legend of the Suns. He has written articles that have appeared in the FARMS Review, and his widely acclaimed six-volume commentary on the Book of Mormon, Second Witness: Analytical and Contextual Commentary on the Book of Mormon, is published by Kofford Books and available for purchase at the FAIR Bookstore.

These interviews are posted here by permission of KTKK Radio and KSL Radio. The views expressed in these interviews do not necessarily represent the views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or of FAIR.

FAIR Examination 7: Therapy and same-sex attraction–David Matheson

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David Matheson is a licensed professional counselor at the Center for Gender Wholeness in Salt Lake City, Utah. His practice focuses on helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction.  David received his Masters of Science degree in Counseling and Guidance from Brigham Young University in 1996. Afterwards, he practiced for seven years as a psychological assistant under Dr. Joseph Nicolosi.  During his tenure, he co-created the “Journey into Manhood” experiential weekend with Ben Newman and began serving on the board of directors of People Can Change.

He is an active member of the Church and shares how the gospel of Jesus Christ has influenced his desire to serve men with same-sex attraction.  He talks about some modern approaches and how these approaches fit within the stances of major medical institutions and the relationship with the Church.  He shares stories of success as well as some potential for harm associated with therapy.  He clarifies some common misconceptions around therapy and the need to make this therapy available for those seeking it.  He talks about how family, friends and leaders can help people with same-sex attraction and how that fits in with their duty to bear one another’s burdens.

FAIR Examination 6: Overcoming same-sex attraction–Blake Smith

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Blake Smith is a member of the church who has a history with same sex attraction.  In this interview, he shares how he reconciled his sexual attractions to men with the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the law of chastity has brought him peace.  He begins talking about his unsuccessful attempts at aversion therapy and subsequent failed marriage.  He then shares why he decided to stay in the church and what helped him.  He talks about the love and encouragement he received from his ecclesiatical leaders and from a support group called North Star.  He tells his story of finding true love to the woman of his dreams and of finally overcoming same-sex attraction.

Administrative update: FAIR Blog user registration

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In an effort to more effectively manage the FAIR Blog, we will now require users to register before commenting.

You may register using your real name or a pseudonym (as long as your pseudonym is appropriate for an all-ages blog), but you must provide a verifiable email address as part of the registration process.

At this time we will continue to moderate all comments to help prevent endless debates, “drive-by” attacks, threadjacking, and so forth. Our intent is to hopefully loosen that up a bit in the near future so that only new commenters are moderated.

The usual rule against sockpuppets applies here — one user account per person, please.