2 thoughts on “FAIR Examination 3b: Two mothers of sons with same gender attraction

  1. J R

    This podcast is so insightful. Not only are these women of faith, but of courage. If as a people, we would pay more attention to the teachings of the gospel, and less to what the world teaches, we would overcome our fears. As humans we fear the unknown. When anyone ‘comes out’ they have agonized that decision for possibly years. Everyone involved needs to know they are loved, both child, and parents. The cure, if it can be stated that way, is definitely spiritual renewal, not drug induced comas. The Atonement is way that leads to the path that makes eternal life different from life eternal.

  2. Adam

    Its great to see FAIR tackling the issue of same-gender attraction. Its a breath of fresh air to hear the perspectives of faithful members of the church on this issue. It is a very important subject that I think more members of the church need to be informed about. Thanks a lot for these recent podcasts

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