Joseph Smith: The Profile of a Prophet

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The following PDF attachment is an exploration into Joseph Smith meeting the criteria of an authentic prophet. It was originally part of my review of Joel Kramer’s anti-Mormon DVD The Bible vs. Joseph Smith. Upon the wise suggestion of Greg Smith, a fellow FAIR volunteer, I excised this portion of my review and rewrote parts of it to stand alone as a separate article. As you may discover upon reading, this article does have a sort of devotional flavor to it. But I hope that the main point behind this article is easily recognizable.

With that in mind, I offer for the reader’s consideration Joseph Smith: The Profile of a Prophet for those interested. Feel free to download and keep a copy if you wish.

Joseph Smith: The Profile of a Prophet

4 thoughts on “Joseph Smith: The Profile of a Prophet

  1. BH

    A devout believer, I can’t help but wrestle a little with this list. How many of these criteria do Pres. Monson or Pres. Hinckley meet?

  2. Stephen Smoot Post author

    BH –

    That is a good question that I have not been able to adequately explore. The only thing off the top of my head that Presidents Hinckley and Monson seem to not qualify for would be number 5, a prophet beginning with “thus saith the Lord”. The others are open for exploration and probing.

  3. Stephen Smoot Post author

    Kevin –

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I mentioned your paper in my own article, and I can also recommend it to those interested in finding out more about this subject.

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