FAIR Podcast, Episode 6: John Durham Peters p.2

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, here’s part two of my interview with John Durham Peters, the A. Craig Baird Professor in communication studies at the University of Iowa. Peters joined me through Skype from his home in Iowa for this two-part episode on Mormonism and Communication (see part 1 here). A bibliography of Peters’s works directly relating to Mormonism is available at lifeongoldplates.com. Articles and mp3s are available for free download.

We cover a lot of ground in part two,  beginning with a discussion about John’s book Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition. Peters talks about Paul’s milk and meat distinction and the liberal tradition of truth grappling with error. Other topics range from the idea of civility in political discourse to the “guts” of the atonement. Peters also explains why he situates mercy at the very heart of his theory of communication. All this and more, in the final part of my interview with John Durham Peters. Email questions, comments, and suggestions to “podcast (at) fairlds.org.”




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    I should mention that it takes a few hours for iTunes to pick up the feed, so it should be available in iTunes sometime later today, Wed. November 24.

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