FAIR Podcast, Episode 4: Richard L. Bushman p.2

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In part two, Richard Bushman discusses challenges facing Mormon graduate students, his latest book “Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction,” and other subjects including temples, the LDS sacraments, Mormon cosmology, and Zion. Bushman is an award-winning American historian, currently serving as the Howard W. Hunter Visiting Professor in Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University and Gouverneur Morris Professor of History emeritus at Columbia University. He is also a general editor of the ongoing Joseph Smith Papers project.




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9 thoughts on “FAIR Podcast, Episode 4: Richard L. Bushman p.2

  1. Hunter

    Part 1 of Blair’s interview with Bushman was top notch. I’ve downloaded part 2 and look forward to listening to it tomorrow on my run. Thanks.

  2. WVS

    Thanks Blair. This was timely for me as I’ve started editing Joseph’s April 8, 1844 sermon. The unfolding of Zion has been on my mind. Good stuff.

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  4. Carson Calderwood

    Great work Blair. It’s always great to hear more from Bushman. Thanks for doing this.

  5. JT

    I recently came across (and just obtained but haven’t yet read) a Joseph Smith Biography by Professor Bushman copyrighted 1984 (Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism). This book was not mentioned in the interview.

    May I ask how this earlier work fits into or relates to Professor Bushman’s study of Joseph Smith and the early history of the LDS church?

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